Friday, December 30, 2011

Day Three hundred and thirty

We were headed to a dinner party and in charge of bringing desserts. These are both gluten-free, of course, but I share them with one caveat... I cannot recall my recipe sources.  I'm catching up on two month's worth of food photos (life got ahead of me!), and now my memory fails me.  I intend to scour my recipes and figure out where I got these two, and I'll update this post as soon I remember.  All I can say is that both were goood.

Apple tart (with cheese filling).

Brownie pie.

Lunch for tomorrow: PBJ on a brown rice wrap, cottage cheese, apple, and baby carrots.

Day Three hundred and twenty-nine

Lunch: Shredded zucchini, black beans, and cheese inside of brown rice wraps, with sour cream.

Dinner: Broccoli and cheese soup (crockpot; recipe: Make it Fast Cook it Slow).

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day Three hundred and twenty-eight

Breakfast: CREPES! I was delighted that I could use my regular recipe but substitute the artisan gluten-free flour blend, and they came out just as delicious.  We do a few variations of crepes, and these were filled with strawberries, a little chocolate sauce, and a sprinkle of flaxseeds.

Dinner: Traditional Stew (recipe: Make it Fast Cook it Slow).  I made a few changes to the recipe- I use chunks of chicken breast instead of beef, chicken broth instead of beef, and add potatoes.  This is always an easy and very comforting meal.

Day Three hundred and twenty-seven

Dinner: Chicken over rice (with cauliflower puree, ala Double Delicious), sliced peaches, and steamed baby carrots.  I can't remember what I'd done to this chicken-- either I made a sauce for it, and baked it in the oven, or it was in the crockpot.

School lunch for tomorrow: Baby spinach, hard-boiled eggs, a gluten-free blueberry muffin (from the stash in the freezer), apple slices, and her morning snack of yogurt with blueberries.

Day Three hundred and twenty-six

Lunch: Pizza muffins (with butternut squash mixed into the sauce) on gluten-free english muffins, baby spinach, and strawberries.

Dinner: Brown rice penne with chunks of chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach.

Tomorrow's school lunch: Leftover chicken from dinner, cheese with gluten-free crackers, baby spinach, and orange slices.

Day Three hundred and twenty-five

School lunch for tomorrow: Homemade yogurt with blueberries, cucumber slices with dip, almonds with sunflower seeds, gluten-free cereal, and two gluten-free oreos.  I'm not of the "junk in the lunch box" mentality, but occasionally I'll toss a treat into my daughter's lunch.  Especially now that she has to be gluten-free and misses out on so much of what the "other" kids have, I sometimes toss in something special so she doesn't feel left out.

Day Three hundred and twenty-four

Lunch: Hard-boiled eggs, baby spinach, red peppers, orange slices, and almond cheddar chips.

Day Three hundred and twenty-three

Breakfast: Pumpkin granola breakfast cookies (recipe: Gluten free on a shoestring), scrambled eggs, and tangerine slices.

Dinner: Brown rice spaghetti, turkey meatballs (with green puree, ala Sneaky Chef), baby spinach, and grapes.

We went to a pumpkin festival in the afternoon, and my daughter was really bummed that we could't buy any of the baked goods for sale there, as the pumpkin pie looked great.  I promised  to make her one when we got home, and I always keep my promises.  This is my grandma's pumpkin pie recipe, and I just subbed gluten-free flour in the crust recipe.  It worked.

Day Three hundred and twenty-two

Dinner in a rush: Polenta slices, gluten-free chicken nuggets, fruit salad, and steamed carrots.

My daughter's lunch for tomorrow: Turkey, cheese, gluten-free crackers, red peppers, and grapes.

Day Three hundred and twenty-one

Lunch: Turkey and cheese melted on homemade gluten-free bread (recipe: Gluten-free on a shoestring), grapes, baby spinach, and ranch.

Dinner: Sweet potato and chicken apple sausage hash (recipe: Rachel Ray), fruit salad, and green beans.

My daughter's lunch for tomorrow: Rolls of deli turkey with a mozzarella stick, baby spinach with dip, grapes, and gluten-free pretzel sticks.

Day Three hundred and twenty

Breakfast for dinner: Scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese, homemade gluten-free english muffins (recipe: You Won't Believe it's Gluten Free), and sliced pear.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day Three hundred and nineteen

Dinner: Turkey tacos with avocado, baby spinach, tomatoes, cheddar, and sour cream.

My daughter's gluten-free lunch for tomorrow: Edamame crackers, mozzarella stick, baby carrots and red peppers, fresh pineapple, and a blueberry muffin (just out of the freezer, hence the ice crystals).

Homemade cottage cheese.  I wanted my own organic cottage cheese, but I don't recommend making it.  I hate how store-bought cottage cheese has so many additives, and I read how making your own is *so* easy.  It was... BUT.  Using a quart and a half of milk yielded this tiny amount of cottage cheese, and it did not taste appetizing.  Experiment, failed.  Oh well.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day Three hundred and eighteen

(Gluten-free) Waffles, oh yeah!  (An old inside joke- ask my husband).

Parmesan garlic croutons (made with stale gluten-free bread).

Dinner: The Big Salad (hard-boiled eggs, baby spinach, chickpeas, steamed carrots, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers), croutons, and homemade ranch.

Day Three hundred and seveteen

Our most recent yummy breakfast discovery: POPOVERS!!!  These are so easy to make-- just a few ingredients to combine, then they bake for 30 mins, giving you time to neaten the kitchen and get the fam dressed for the day.

Breakfast: Gluten-free popovers (recipe: Gluten-free on a shoestring), scrambled eggs, and fresh strawberries.

Day Three hundred and sixteen

Lunch: Leftover brown rice, mixed with diced tomatoes, red beans, garnished with sour cream and cheddar cheese.

Dinner: Lazy chicken over brown rice fusilli (crockpot; Make it Fast Cook it Slow), steamed broccoli, fresh strawberries.

Day Three hundred and fifteen

Pizza dough, rising (recipe: Gluten-free on a shoestring).  This was our second attempt at gluten-free pizza, and we did like the crust a little better. The consistency of the dough was more similar to regular dough than the almond flour.

Pizza (sauce with butternut squash puree).

Dinner: Gluten-free pizza, salad, and fresh strawberries.

Gluten-free sandwich bread (recipe: Gluten-free on a shoestring).

Day three hundred and fourteen

A pot o' veggies (carrots, butternut squash, potatoes, and onions).  About to be...

Dinner: Butternut squash soup, grilled cheese on homemade gluten-free bread (recipe: Gluten Free on a Shoestring), and sliced apples.

Day three hundred and thirteen

Rosemary garlic sweet potato fries (before)

Rosemary garlic sweet potato fries (after)

Turkey meatloaf (times three).  One for tonight, and two for the freezer.

Butternut squash puree.  This will go into chili, quesadillas, pasta sauce, etc.  I divide it in 1/4 cup portions, put the muffin tin into the freezer, pop them out into a large ziploc bag, and store these in the freezer so they're handy when I need them.

Dinner: Turkey meatloaf (with almond flour instead of breadcrumbs, so it's gluten-free), steamed veggies, sliced peaches, and rosemary garlic sweet potato fries.

My daughter's lunch for tomorrow: Vanilla yogurt with blueberries, edamame crackers, peas, and two gluten-free oreos.  Kind of the motley crew of lunch-- I think we didn't have much in the fridge.

Day three hundred and twelve

Dinner: Gluten-free chicken nuggets, brown rice pilaf (with pureed cauliflower), green beans, and fruit salad.

Day three hundred and eleven

My daughter's gluten-free lunch: Rolled deli turkey, mozzarella stick, edamame crackers, carrots, and grapes.