Saturday, January 10, 2015

Post-holiday kitchen

After all of the holiday cooking, I like to take a break.  We do leftovers for a few days, and then ease back into the kitchen.

Last weekend, we were craving pancakes, and I had some roasted pumpkin from my aunt's garden that I needed to use up.  I couldn't stand the thought of carbs, though, so I decided to try a new recipe. Almond flour is our go-to when we want to make a healthier breakfast.

I found this recipe and gave it a whirl.  It said it would yield enough for two, but once my griddle is out, I want leftovers.  We quadrupled it, and had enough for breakfast and at least one if not two more meals, which I put in the freezer.  We really enjoyed them, and it satisfied our pancake craving.  The baking soda taste was a little strong; next time, we will use half and try baking powder for the remainder.   Other than that, they had a nice pancake texture and were cooked through, which isn't always the case when using gluten-free flours.  Definitely going to make these again.

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