Friday, July 27, 2012

Keeping up, and changes ahead

I return here after April, and do hope I'm here for good, at least on a semi-regular basis. As it turns out, having a daily blog is really timing consuming (that sounds obvious, doesn't it, but it took me over a year to accept it).  Regardless, I've still taken daily photos of what I make, as well as notes on everything so I can keep track of what's what, and how I modified it to fit our dietary needs.  I enjoy blogging, the friends I've made, the info I've learned and shared, and the inspiration to keep creating, revising, and staying motivated.  However.  I'm one of those people who keeps a long, perfectionistic, running to-do list in the back of my head at all times, and then repeatedly judges oneself for not having it all done at all times.  Knowing that I'm months behind on blogging (six, to be exact) does not do wonders for that relaxed place in my mind that I'm trying to cultivate.  Raising a family, keeping of top of ever-changing health needs and resulting doctors' appointments, and maintaining some sanity (ideally) would be great.  Going forward, I've decided to continue blogging, but focus on meals we enjoy, new things we've found, and so on.  While I did intend to demonstrate how a young family could eat healthy, homemade meals, day in and day out, especially when we became gluten-free, I'm ready to move beyond that.  I don't need to write about, and you don't need to see, a boring night we ate rotisserie chicken and tator tots. So I'll skip over those meals.  But when I make a new recipe and fall in love with it, I promise I'll share it.  We're still gluten-free, soy-free, and mostly dairy-free, but I'll always include ways to make what we eat, no matter what your needs or desires.

Best in healthy cooking and living,

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