Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day One hundred and thirteen

Snow day breakfast: Blintzes, turkey sausage, spinach and cheese eggs, and oranges. My husband shopped for and planned the breakfast, and the pancakes I planned to make were tabled for another day. Weekday snow days are always treated like holidays around here.

Vanilla yogurt. This goes from the pot to six jars, and cools in a water bath for a few hours in a cooler, ala the Frugal Girl.

Dinner: Potato and cheese soup garnished with shredded cheddar and light sour cream (crockpot: recipe: my friend Lynn, who now expects to be famous ;), leftover sliced grilled chicken from a few nights ago, cheddar drop biscuits (recipe: Cooking Light), vegetable medley, and fresh cantaloupe.

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