Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Three hundred and fifty-seven

Our first gluten-free Thanksgiving. Sit back in your chair- this may take a while.

First, the turkey.  As it is, I leave the raw-turkey-prep to my husband, since I'm bothered my handling the raw bird. Did it have to come with a feature still attached? This grossed me out.

A morning smoothie.  This was a peanut butter-banana-flax seed (recipe: Cooking Light).

Pumpkin soup.  My mom makes and brings this along.  Yum.

The turkey.  Post-roasting, post feather-removal.

Carrot-basil-cornmeal biscuits.   These are a family tradition- my mom has been making them since the beginning of Thanksgiving time.  This is the first year they were made gluten-free.  (Next year I'll add more milk, tablespoon by tablespoon, until the dough is more moist). 

Smashed potatoes.  The sour creamy kind.  Only difference is, I sometimes use red potatoes instead of Yukon Gold, and then leave the skins on before boiling (steakhouse style).

Green beans with shallots.  Another contribution from my mom.

Cornbread apple-sausage stuffing. This was the crunchy in-the-oven kind, and there was also an in-the-bird version.  For the cornbread, I make my own using a recipe by Sneaky Chef.  It has pureed corn in the bread and it is *so* moist. 

Indian cornbread pudding.  My mom made this one was well, and it was an easy one to make gluten-free.

The moist cooked-in-the-bird version of the stuffing.

The turkey, carved. Thank goodness my dad worked in a deli as a teen-- he's a pro at carving.

Gravy.  My mom makes it every year. This was another recipe easy to convert to gluten-free.

Sweet potatoes with crunchy roasted marshmallows.  'Nuff said.

Butternut squash.  I think my grandma made this.

Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, gravy, cornbread apple-sausage stuffing, biscuits, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, smashed potatoes, and Indian cornbread pudding.  Whew.

Pumpkin pie.  I made this using my grandma's recipe, but made a gluten-free crust (crust recipe: Gluten-Free on a Shoestring). 

Apple pie.  My grandma made this with her secret recipe, and used a gluten-free baking mix for the crust.

Pumpkin mousse with fresh vanilla creme- another contribution from my mom.

Pecan pie.  My husband made this (with some help) because he didn't think it'd be Thanksgiving w/o pecan pie.

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