Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day Three hundred and forty-three

Stocking the freezer today...

Shredded zucchini.  Goes into the freezer in 2 c. bags.  During the long winter, this will go into breads, chili, meatloaf, etc.

Hunks of yellow squash, in the steamer, which will be...

Pureed in the food processor, put into 1/4 c., and put in the freezer.  Until they're frozen, then they're...

Popped out of muffin tins, and stored in freezer-safe bags in the freezer.

Oh yeah, and since I was busy processing veggies all day, my husband handled dinner, albeit a very simple one.  Dinner: Breaded chicken pieces, gluten-free mac and cheese, strawberries, and green beans.

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