Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day Three hundred and eighty-seven: Christmas morning

A Christmas morning tradition: Monkey bread.  Being this is our first gluten-free year, I did some research and found this to be the best recipe. Since we like ours in a round, I doubled the brown rice flour recipe from You Won't Believe it's Gluten-Free, adjusted the baking time, and used an angel-food pan. It came out perfectly, and we had plenty leftover.

Monkey bread: An aerial view.

Mmm, crunchy and goeey, all at once.

Breakfast: Monkey bread, scrambled spinach cheese eggs, and blueberries.

Christmas dinner: Lasagna.  My grandma always makes the lasagna, but since we needed a gluten-free version, we made it ourselves.  I'm proud to say my daughter actually made this.  I showed her how with the first layer, and she took it from there. She was so excited to say that she made the lasagna.  It's layered with spinach instead of meat.

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