Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Eighty-five

Purees for the freezer: Yellow squash

Before: Chicken and potatoes. My parents bought us this chicken and although I'd never actually roasted a whole chicken before, it was on my kitchen to-do list. Since it had bones (I usually only cook boneless breasts), my husband was all excited and actually made the rub and put it on without me even asking. He was giddy.

After: Chicken and potatoes

Dinner: Roasted chicken, roasted rosemary potatoes, cream cheese spinach, steamed carrots, chicken gravy, and clementines.

Spinach, being steamed for purees.

Purees for the freezer: Purple puree (recipe: Sneaky Chef). This is a blend of spinach and blueberries, and is awesome for making brownies.

Strawberry frozen yogurt. Not sure why I felt the need to bust out the ice cream machine on such a cold day, but it seemed right. Made with skim milk and homemade fat-free vanilla yogurt.

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