Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Two hundred and fifty-four: Veggie garden

Tonight's dinner was nothing more than day two of leftovers from this weekend's BBQ.  However, I spent some time marveling at the early stages of our veggie garden.  Technically, everything in the garden will be cooked and/or eaten in the kitchen, so it's fair game here.  ;)
Grape tomatoes... starting to ripen.

Red peppers... still babies, but promising.

Squash flowers.  I know some people like to fry and eat these, but they smell wretched when you get them on your hands, so I'm going to pass.

A baby yellow squash... growing fast.

An eggplant flower.  This is my first time growing eggplant, and I was tickled to see its beautiful purple flowers.  I had no idea!

An eeny weeny short zucchini... there are a bunch of baby ones, I'm so excited.

Green beans, getting tall.  Many thanks to Karen for her donation of extra plants!

Rosemary.  This weekend I used it for the first time of the season, to grill potatoes- so good.

Basil- my favorite thing in the garden.  I have two plants, and by the end of the season, all extra becomes pesto.  Straight into the freezer to enjoy all winter long.

A cucumber plant. Nothing put flowers yet, but the plant is getting huge, so something should be happening soon!

And finally, broccoli, in progress.

Not to be left out-- we also have parsley, butternut squash, and a watermelon (thanks again to Karen), but those guys were little so I let them be.

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