Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Two hundred and seven

Cauliflower puree (three heads of cauliflower, which are now in the freezer. Once they're solid I'll pop these out of the tins and into a ziploc freezer bag. They'll go into rice, sauces, tacos, etc). The funniest part was when my younger daughter saw the puree in the colorful silicon muffin cups- she actually ate one with a spoon, as it apparently gave off a cupcake vibe.

Tilapia with asparagus, carrots, and orange slices (recipe: Parents mag). Each portion cooks in its own package of own parchment paper- it was cute enough to get the girls to the table so they could see what dinner was inside their "presents."

Dinner: Tilapia with asparagus, carrots, and orange slices; wild rice pilaf with cauliflower puree; cauliflower; and sliced apples and blueberries.

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