Friday, February 10, 2012

Day Three hundred and seventy-five

I did a tiny bit of cooking ahead this morning.  Since I tend to plan out meals in advance, I've been trying to get into the habit of baking ahead as well.  Once I'm already baking, and have the ingredients out, flour all over the place, I figure I may as well make at least one or two things I'll need next. In this instance, I made rolls for tomorrow's breakfast while I was baking this morning's breakfast. Tomorrow, I can skip a step, and don't have to bake and clean-up.

Breakfast: Pumpkin bread (You Won't Believe its Gluten Free) with almonds and blueberries.
English muffins, for tomorrow's breakfast (recipe: You Won't Believe it's Gluten Free).

Lunch: Turkey and cheese in a brown rice wrap (with pumpkin puree melted into the cheese), celery, and apple slices.

Dinner: Gluten-free chicken nuggets, white rice (with cauliflower puree, ala Double Delicious), applesauce, and broccoli. Can you tell my husband planned this meal? I can.  ;)  But after having made breakfast and lunch, I was happy to let him handle dinner.

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