Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Two hundred and twenty-three

Vanilla yogurt. A friend recently asked me why I make my own yogurt. It tastes delicious, there's nothing mysterious or artificial in it, and making it costs half the price of buying it. It's little more than heating milk; waiting for it to cool; adding sugar, vanilla, and starter (leftover yogurt); and letting it sit in a water bath for a few hours. See the Frugal Girl's site for instructions.

Dinner: Chicken stew (crockpot), homemade french bread that my daughter and I kneaded together (recipe: Frugal Girl), and fresh pineapple. I followed the traditional beef stew recipe from Make it Fast, Cook it Slow, but I substituted chicken (and chicken stock) in place of the beef ingredients. This was really delicious (and resulted in two days of leftovers to enjoy) during this cool, rainy week.


  1. As always, wonderful photos! They look so good that I might just try this out myself someday!

  2. Thanks, Jill! You should definitely try her stew recipe, it is so good! I'm adding the link to the post here.