Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day in the life of "a year in the life of a kitchen" (Day Two hundred and nineteen)

This was a day with an insane amount of cooking. In addition to making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I had to make food to bring to my daughter's school for an event, we baked a bread, and then I decided to make ice pops with my little one. Whew. Here's a peak at our day (and please excuse the spacing-- blogger won't let me alter it no matter what I try!)

First, we began with a broccoli and cheese quiche, which went to school with my daughter for teacher appreciation day:

Since the oven was already on, I decided to make some egg cups (eggs, diced turkey bacon leftover from Mother's Day, broccoli, and red peppers). Two went into my daughter's lunchbox, and the rest stayed home for our lunch:

Next we went grocery shopping, and came home with lots of fresh vegetables, so I decided to make: lunch-- A veggie and pita chip platter with low fat vegetable dip:

Then we made ice pops, based on an idea I saw in BJ's member magazine. Starting with 5 oz. dixie cups and popsicle sticks (both purchased just for this occasion):
We blended three cups of fresh fruit:

One tbsp. of sugar, and one tsp. of lemon juice:

To make our ice pop mixture:

It went into the freezer:

And three hours later, out came after-dinner ice pops!

Next we baked a loaf of potato bread (half whole grain) which would later accompany dinner:

My husband came home, and offered to filet and brown the chicken breasts:

At dinner-time, the bread was sliced:

And finally, we ate dinner: Grilled chicken with fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, and grape tomatoes on potato bread, honeydew, and fresh vegetables with dip.

Then I put my feet up!

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