Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day One hundred and forty-one

Purees: Purple (aka baby spinach and wild bluerries). I used this for the cupcake/brownies, below, and then tried something new with the extra. Instead of freezing in little glass jars like I usually do, I used a muffin tin and spooned in 1/4 c. portions. Once it is frozen, I'll pop them out and put them in a freezer bag. Wonder if it'll make it easier to store/defrost.

Mini brownies (whole wheat, spinach and blueberry puree). These are for my daughter's Valentine's party tomorrow. Wonder if any of the kids will ever guess the spinach! Luckily the chocolate disguises it all.

Chocolate donuts (whole wheat, spinach and blueberry puree). These are for my other daughter's Valentine's party tomorrow, and also to celebrate her bday in class.

And, after all that baking, there was no time to make dinner, so we had sliced up strawberries and cheerios mixed into yogurt. My kids thought I'd lost it, but it was quick and didn't further the mess in the kitchen. Oh, and it counted as vegetarian night. Yay!

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